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My Voting Guide

Just some thoughts on how I'm voting tomorrow.

1. Don’t think there is one "right" or “Christian” way to vote. This thought is driven by fear rather than faith and hope in God (i.e. if you don’t vote in certain way, our society will fail).

2. Don’t be loyal to one particular party or person - because the only one you can be loyal to is God. No one party/person can be completely Christian or completely non-Christian.

3. When you vote, vote your conscience based on your personal relationship with God. Let your personal, spiritual beliefs guide you. (Again, there is no one right way or one Christian way to vote. You are supposed to vote differently than anyone else in this world. That’s the democracy we have and value.

4. Be open to others who have opposing views. You can hold your beliefs firmly but be open that God can always change your opinions and therefore be respectful to those who have opposing views.

5. Not voting, if you have a reason for it, can be an option to express your voice.

6. Voting for character, instead of issues, can also be an option you choose to do.

7. In the end, have hope in God only. Politics play a role in our life. We should be involved. But, it needs to be understood in the context of our larger understanding of God. Be FREE (to vote your conscience), Remember to LOVE (not just those who agree with you), and Be at PEACE ("there is nothing new under the sun").

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