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Good Friday Reflection

Today was Good Friday and we are reminded of the sacrifice our Lord Jesus made in order to give us new hope and life. As I was reading the book of Luke I am struck by how the people were so unable to recognize and understand Jesus’ love expressed in this way. I read the story of Judah (betrayal), story of Peter (denial), and the mob who shouted “crucify him” out of fear and confusion. It’s hard to imagine how clueless the people could’ve been, but in honest we are not any better either. We would betray him, deny him, and think of our own safety before him. But that’s precisely the reason Jesus died! Jesus died for us because we could just easily be the ones like Judah, Peter, and the mob. We are often overwhelmed and consumed by our own fears and worries beyond our own control.

May this Good Friday and Easter coming up remind us how MUCH we really needed Jesus’ sacrifice, be thankful for his love, and look forward to the new life and hope we have in him!

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