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Life as a journey of calling(s)

Discerning calling is the long, complicated combination of convictions and context, of passion and prayer, of knowledge and need that seems to tap us on the shoulder and call forth from us an invitation into a process of self-discovery and humility, of taking up and laying down, of embracing and letting go that over time forms a deep, confident conviction that, of all things there are to do in the world, 'This is mine to do'."

Every so often, I find myself being restless in my soul: I have no regret about where I am in my life, but I know there is more. What is my next step? What is something God wants me to see now that I wasn't able to see till now?

It's reassuring to know that discerning your calling in life isn't a singular event but a journey of continuously growing and evolving. Here is a wonderful short clip and and a well thought out article on "vocation". It is not something found, but rather formed.

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