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I don't know why...

I don't know why but this group pulls me in… Yes, it’s the pastor's network of the denomination our church belongs to, but I really don’t know why I keep coming back to this group when I really don't have to.

Maybe the music, maybe the food (yes they are both awesome). Or maybe something about their stories that connects to my own story. Maybe i know in my heart that their future and my own future will intersect and intertwine in a way that I can only imagine at this point. I’m the only non Spanish speaking pastor in this group. Every time I come, I keep asking myself why I keep coming back to this group. But I’ve been welcomed with their arms open. I’ve been included and valued. And now I am part of this group. I even began to teach a weekly course for them. Most of them have not gone to an accredited seminary school to get their theology degrees. Many of them are even new to this country and struggle to speak English confidently. All of them have a job to support their family while pastoring their churches. I don’t know why this group keeps pulling me in. But, I pray it’s neither of feeling superior or self-righteous. In fact, my time with them has been both humbling and refreshing. I pray I may learn to be a fellow sojourner of this God-given life with a group of people who might have come from different places than I’ve but traveling toward the same eternal hope of peace, freedom, and joy.

Because that's why God gave himself for us and his church to this world. May God bless this group of pastors for all that God has in store for them.

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