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Why a website suddenly (and where was it when we actually needed it)?

People who know me might know that I have a little delayed reaction to things. I’m slow with jokes (let alone remember any of them); when someone asks me a simple question I would have to stop and think about it before answering it; when I was young and wanted to go talk to a girl across the room, it would take a long time to even contemplate about doing it... and you can probably guess how the story goes.

I can’t believe it’s been more than 10 years since I responded to God’s call in my life to plant a new church. Some of you were with me since the beginning. It was actually an exciting time. A big budget from those who asked me to be their church planter; I was young, fearless, and without kids to worry about. I remember we had this very cool, professionally created website - all ready before we even had our very first official gathering. Everything was so well done, hip, postmodern, and high-class. Things were moving fast, with a big budget, logos, flyers, and signs. The only problem was: I couldn’t keep up with the pace.

You see, I need time to think through things. I need time to get acclaimed to the very idea of maybe, possibly, get out of my seat and go across the room to talk to a stranger. And, when everything was all laid out before me, I simply couldn’t be in my element. I had to perform instead of being present. I had to plan instead of praying. I had to keep up with our website instead of letting it follow us.

Ever since the ill-fated attempt 10 years ago to plant a new church with a big budget and nice website, we haven’t had a website. Not when we changed our location. Not when we changed our name 3 years ago and restarted as a new church. Not when we began community outreach programs and people were starting to ask about them more. Something in me said it’s just not the time yet. Or, maybe, it was just one of those delayed reactions of mine!

So, why website now? What’s our strategy behind it?




I’m sorry to disappoint you but we don’t really have a strategy here. No real time frame to follow. Nothing new we are doing to warrant a nice website. If you really want to know, I happen to have a friend (see earlier post) who likes to make websites for fun. One of our other friends wanted to take pictures and video clips of our programs and we needed a space to upload them (coming later). And, personally, I wanted to follow God’s nudging in the recent years to start putting things in writing and share them with the public (another friend pushed me on this recently).

So, here we are. Slow-cooking our journey together over the past several years. Even if some of you are not with us weekly for various reasons, you know who you are. Hope the soup comes out tasty - if not, at least hearty and filling. I simply hope this website will serve as a nice garnish on the top of it all!

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