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House Church


The church meets at the original building of the First General Baptist Church in Santa Ana (811 S. Sullivan Ave, Santa Ana) along with two other churches who worship at the same location (Lao Evangelical Church & Ministerios De Dios Latinoamericanos). Acts Community Church however meets only 3 times a month at the building for worship and sermon. Every 4th Sunday, the church meets at members' homes for breaking bread, bible study and prayer. The natural draw of a church building is missing but the benefit of experiencing a deeper sense of community at the homes of our members outweighs the disadvantages. It is a place where we seek and practice our spiritual blessing of truly knowing Jesus Christ, the power of Holy Spirit, and the love which fulfills all things (Ephesians 1:15-1:23, 3:14-3:21). We currently have four house churches throughout Orange County and pray for many more to start in the future (Acts 8:1).

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